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Nov 11, 2007

Contrasting Characters - Deabru & Aingeru

(ENG) Design of two characters that differ in aspect and personality.
(ESP) Diseño de dos personajes opuestos en aspecto y personalidad.
(EUS) Itxuraz nahiz izaeraz aurkako diren bi pertsonaien diseinua.


Mélanie Daigle said...

Hahaha, I love these guys, Dei!

AniMauro said...

mhmmm...I love the angel more expressive and too funny to animate...

but the's similar to your old character...the face is too big...

DEI said...

Thanks for the comments! You're totally right Mauro.. I Actually used the same facial features from "Vondeskau" to design the Demon Character. About the size of his head, I hope it looks better next to the angel (in scale), cause the Angles is about 3 times bigger than the demon.
Thanks Again.

agnes said...

These are really, nice and made an even bigger impression on me when i saw them moving on monday! Great walk and run cycle!

It was hilarious and so well animated! Great job! :D