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Jan 30, 2008


(ENG) Rotation and poses of Edgar. [See previous sketches]
(ESP) Rotacion y poses de Edgar. [Ver bocetos previos]
(EUS) Edgarren biraketa eta poseak. [Ikusi aurretiko marrazkiak]

(ENG) Turn Around & Poses of Pete.
(ESP) RotaciĆ³n y Poses de Pete.
(EUS) Pete-en Errotazioa eta Poseak.


Garnet said...

he looks like he is a cool guy

Toby Cochran said...

hey Dei!! how the heck are you man!

Your character design work and pretty much everything else rocks! I would love to work on a project with you one day, if not a handful of people from Gobelins!

Animation Mentor has been great!! The enthusiasm's around the site is fantastic, the only thing I can compare it to was everyone at summer school. I am going to post some more work up on the Summer school blog. Its been great to have a instructor/ mentor that knows what they are talking about...makes a world of difference! What all have you been up to?

AniMauro said...

this char is interesting to animate...

but, i think that the body is a little too long...

what do you think?



p.s.:Hi Toby!!! You are in Animation Mentor? Great! When i can see your animation?

AniMauro said...

and...Dei Have you try some 3d animation? eheheheh... ;-)

DEI said...

Hi Mauro! Long time! thanks for the comment. About Edgar, I kinda like the length of the body in the 2nd and 3rd poses. However I do think that the pose on the left has the body a bit overstreched.. But I wont be going that far while I animate (I'll actually have to animate this guy in a couple of weeks from now). Do you think the body is a bit too long even when is not streched? let me know.

NOoooo Mauro, I haven't done any 3D animation yet (I'm looking forward to doing it tho); I'm still getting used to Maya with Modeling (I have one model posted).

Mauro, I must apologyze for having bodered you, my friend, with the "link" thing. I did not ralize that you DID have me linked on your FAVS! wow, that's moving. Thank you very much.

(Thanks for the critics; allways appreciated)

AniMauro said...

I add a the first pose of Edgar you can turn a little the chest of char to the direction of arm...i see is streched...but not turn...right?

Hoon said...

great to see your characters rendered in color~ nice works!