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Feb 21, 2008


(ENG) With all the school work... I sometimes feel like I'm turning my back on my beloved monsters. I should do more random drawing. I couldn't help drawing this one today. I scanned the original an messed around with Photoshop a bit. I hope to post more of this kind in the future.

(ESP) Con todo el trabajo del College… A veces siento que les estoy dando la espalda a mis queridos monstruos. Asi que esta mañana he dibujado este (más bien no he podido evitar hacerlo). He escaneado el original y salseado un poco con Photoshop. Espero subir más como este en el futuro.

(EUS) College-ko lan guztiarekin... Batzutan nire munstro kuttunei bizkarra ematen ari natzaiela iruditzen zait. Beraz gaur goizean honako hau marraztu dut (edo hobeto esanda, arkatzetik ihes egin dit). Originala eskaneatu dut eta pixka bat landu dut Photoshopen. Aurrerantzean honen antzeko gehiago igotzea espero dut.


lex76 said...

Really nice stuff on all of your blog. We're actually in the sae program but haven't spoken much. I moved here from Italy to take this program. I really loved your angel and demon characters nice use of lines for contrasting characters.
You will go far because you're very talented and have a great professional attitude.
Keep it up!
Awesome work.

DEI said...

Hi Alessandro,
Thank you very much for your words of appreciation. I am very glad you liked the blog.
I'd say that what you kindly call professionalism is just the result of my situation: Coming all the way from Spain to take this program, being away from my girlfriend, friends and family and requiring my parents' economical support gives me no other choice but to act consequently. However, this is something I don't need to explain to you according to what I've read on your profile, even if the circumstances are not equal. That, on it's own tells me a lot: Determination and ambition are qualities that I deeply appreciate in a fellow student; and I see that reflected your work too.
I hope we'll talk some more from now on, since we still have a couple of years ahead of us, here at Sheridan. For a start I've added you on my links;)

See you around,