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Feb 14, 2008

Sheriff Burke LS Pencil Test - Rough

(ENG) I did this Lip Sync animation using one of my last character designs. Below, I've added the thumbnail poses I did previous to the animation. After that planning stage, the animation was done straight ahead. (The audio track is from "A Scanner Darkly")

(ESP) Para esta animación con Lip Sync utilicé uno de mis últimos personajes. Debajo he añadido los esbozos de poses que hice previas a la animación. Tras esta fase de planificación animé “straight ahead”. (El audio pertenece a la película “A Scanner Darkly”)

(EUS) Animazio hau nire azken pertsonaietako bat erabiliz egin nuen. Azpian animatu aurretik egindako poseen marrazkiak gehitu ditut. Planeaketa atal honen ondoren, straight ahead erara animatu nuen. (Audioa "A Scanner Darkly" filmekoa da)


Randolph Lizarda said...

flawless i tell u Dei. flawless. It's great to have finally see the whole thing.

puertas said...

(ENG) good. continue...

(ESP) bien. sigue...

(EUS) hi joxemai, biño ze satek??!!

Adam said...

Wow man, that is an amazing animation. I was beyond impressed.

King M. Mugabi said...


Adam Pockaj said...

Awesome dude! I like the eyes.

Cristian Camaroschi said...

Amazing dude! loved it!

Joel Beaudet said...

AWSOME! very nice work man. That method worked out for you. Are you planning to use the same method for the next one?

DEI said...

Thanks for the comments everyone!
Joel, I think I will go back to keying but I might modify them as I go to avoid that feeling of having to match a drawing exactly.. I don't know.. This one didn't really work that well: I messed up a couple of times with size and foot placement issues. I think I fixed them tho.
Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

un crack

Anonymous said...


u inspire me!!!!!!

BoK said...

Hey man!
You were right I don't remember you but thanks a lot for the comment, I really appreciate !
I really like your animation, a few things tho: the rythm is to even, a bit to "linear", and watch the weight when he shifts positions. Try not to be so symetrical with your hand gestures, desynchronize them. and you could add some little variation in the lipsync, some big shapes and some more subtle shapes alternatively. Beside that, you get the intentions and it's fluid ! nice job ! :)
keep having fun !!

Laura E. Tryon said...

This was my absolute favourite human sync of all.
Also, I thought that I'd just mention that when I was watching it in class and during the screening, for some reason, I was reminded of the Incredibles. Just the fluidity and the realism provided in the motions and expressions. Which is an awesome thing to be able to capture.
Sure, there was a little 'twining'. But we all fall into that trap now and then.
Amazing work as always Dei.
Keep it up!

AniMauro said...

HI DEI!!!!

Your animation is fantastic!!!