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Sep 7, 2008

Sequential Poses of Edgar

These is a Character Design exercise I did at the end of last semester. The objective was to show the following situations through the body language and expressions of the Character:
- The Character sees something he is not supposed to get.
- When he finaly gets it , he shows glee.
- But then he is seen by someone.
- The character looks guilty.
The first three drawings focus on portraying the first point of the story and the others correspond to the each following three points. I had created the crocodile character in a previous Character Design exercise and used it in an Animation. His name is Edgar.


LeMark said...

great character,like the expressions, think of the silhouetting, in pose 3 i would lift the tail just a bit in order to make the silhouette stronger, over all great expressions and character!!! looking forward to ur 3rd year film, c u around school!

DEI said...

Hey Mark!
Now that I can look at it I totaly see what you meant. However, I feel it would also make it a bit flatter... am I right? This brings up a question to me: If overlaping shapes helps depth but clearifying the silhouette makes the pose stronger... How do you convine them properly or, which one do you put first?