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Nov 16, 2008

Curious Creature in Stop Motion

(ENG) Improvised short animation I did to test a hand made creature puppet.
Pequena animacion improvisada para probar un bichejo que hice a mano para Stop Motion (lo siento, no tengo einessss en este teclado!)
Improbistaturiko Stop Motion animazio motz bat aurretik egindako izakitxo bat probatzeko.


aitorpuertas said...

[ENG] Very good that first leg that stretches more than usual to stop

[ESP] Muy bien ese primer pie que se aleja más de lo normal para pararse

[EUS] Oso ondo lehen hanka hoi, normala biño geyo luzatzen dena geatzeko

Jeremy Canton said...

WHAT THE HELL MMANNN!! You have so much skill!!!!



DEI said...

Eskerrik asko Novak!
Thanks Jeremy!

Cristian Camaroschi said...

Dei, that animation is so good! keep it up man very impressive!

GHGraphics said...

COOL! Nice animation man... damn... Our year never got our hands dirty with the stop motion lab... These are really neat dude!

DEI said...

Thanks guys! Stop Motion has actually helped me to better understand spacing. And it's fun too.

Zélie said...

That... that was so cute...

Andrew Murray said...

I love you more than Jeremy, Dei!