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Dec 13, 2008

CG Character Animation

ENG) First attempt at Computer Character Animation after a couple of introductory exercises. The audio is from the 11 Second Club November Competition, which I was hoping to participate in with this animation but didn´t make it in time. I´d like to thank my instructor Mike Watters for having guided me in this initatic adventure to Computer Animation, and my fellow student Laurence Lam for all the help and advice he´s given me.

ESP) Primer intento en Animacion de Personajes por Ordenador despues de un par de ejercicios introductorios. El audio Pertenece a la competicion de Noviembre del 11 Second Club, en la que esperaba poder tomar parte con esta animacion pero no lo pude hacer a tiempo.

EUS) Lehen saiakera Ordenagaiuzko Pertsonai Animazioan pare bat sarrerako ariketen ondoren. Audioa Azaroko 11 Second Club lehiaketakoa da, zeinetan parte hartu nahi nukeen baina ez nuen lortu ezbainuen animazioa garaiz bukatu.


Cristian Camaroschi said...

DUDE that is so sik man. Good job I see no medium holds you back be it classical, stop motion or CG. Very very nicely animated. Keep it up man!

iriarte said...

con la inconfundible voz de Oros Welles

GHGraphics said...

Dude... This is so pro looking... I wish I had something to say other than that I love it. But I don't... so deal with it!

Amanda said...

Real smooth Dei! 8D
The balloon still freaks me out though :p

DEI said...

Thanks a lot guys!:D