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Aug 8, 2009

New bedroom painting - Making of video

(ENG) Hello! Here's a little video editing I did as a present for my sister (last summer I believe). My father and I repainted her room while she was out on a trip. Many of you will want to kill me for having painted over that awesome Disney mural, but hey! It was my sisters bedroom and she felt the old mural was a bit too childish, so just deal with it! It was a fun experience and the video turned out OK, despite the fact that it was made in a couple of hours using MovieMaker (!!!!!). I thought I might as well share it with you guys. Thanks for staying tuned to the blog.

Oh, the audio got a bit off as a result of the uploading... I nail it on the original one;)


Amber Gail said...

Very bold colour choice! Looks way better than before :)

Toby Cochran said...

lol nice! looks like you guys had fun!

Andrew Murray said...

I liked you painting over the mural. i enjoy the new look.

The Bexster said...

that looks awesome, I'm jealous!!

Jon said...

Que? Ya te ha dado por el graffiti? xD
Muy byen trabajo :D

Adam Temple said...

You guys are awesome!

DEI said...

Hahaha! Thanks Adam X)
Thank you guys for your comments!
It was definitely a lot of fun to do.