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Oct 28, 2009


ENG) Having fun with Leventep brushes... super nice brush set, yes indeed. Also, I want to gain confidence when it comes to actual painting: color over canvas, no line; which is something I am not used to. So here I am trying... and Beauty it's a pretty good topic to get oneself inspired, if not the best.

ESP) Disfrutando con los pinceles Leventep... muy buen conjunto de pinceles, si señor. Ademas, quiero desarrollar una mayor confianza cuando se trata de pintar, en mayúsculas: color sobre lienzo, sin linea. Algo a lo que no estoy habituado. Así que aquí ando, intentándolo... y es que la Belleza es bastante buen tema para inspirarlo a uno, si no el mejor.

EUS) Leventep pintzelekin jolasean... oso pintzel multzo politta, bai hoixe. Gainera, segurtasun gehiago bereganatu nahi dut benetan margotzerako orduan: kolorea mihise gainean, lerrorik gabe; ohituta ez nagoen zerbait alegia. Beraz, hementxe nabil lanetan... eta Edertasuna gai ona da inspirazio iturri bezala, hoberena ez bada.


spwam said...

espectacular dei ami me a encantado deseando de ver mas cosillas!! un saludo y gracias por compartirlo con todos

King M. Mugabi said...

a lot of great choices made here dei

green and red/orange (like a certain mermaid) work very well as compliments.

the crop is an interesting one in that it kinda makes you want to turn your head to get a better "view"

one thing I'd have to critique comes from a personal preference, the "wet" highlight in the eye should be whiter or rather brighter than any highlight of the flesh. You already did it but it could be pushed.

what are these brushes?

DEI said...

Thanks a lot guys.
King... can't tell you how much I appreciate your feedback. I see what you mean with the intensity of the highligh.. I might have made the skin already quite bright too.

Oh, the brushes are by this artist called Levente P. (Leventep).. look him up and search for his DA profile, he has a brush set available for download and it's quite sweet.


Nathan Dickey said...

Interesting, I will have to give these brushes a try

Frank Vanderwel said...

started using these brushes yesterday, now my photoshop paintings look like actual paintings :p thanks!

Leisha-Marie said...

...Is that Emma's eye Dei?

Also good exploration of photoshop. You should try some crazier colours see what happens.

DEI said...

That would belong to her, yep.
I'm trying to go crazier slowly, but I find it so hard to keep things harmonious!!
Thanks Leisha.