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Oct 15, 2009

Concept Art | Creature Color Sketch

Above, a creature I sketched today and a sequence of images showing the steps I followed.
Bellow, what the creature would look like with it's mouth wide open (quick sketch I did later on to answer Nathan's question/comment - much appreciated)


Nathan Dickey said...

wow, that is some "Maw" he's got there, I Wonder what he would look like with his mouth open all the way

Pretty cool sketch though I must say Deistar

DEI said...

Thanks for the comment Nathan... that is a question I had to answer;]

Nathan Dickey said...

haha nice! that looks awesome-

Adam Temple said...

Nice work, and I love how you went and painted up a response! Love your designs man.

DEI said...

Thank you very much Adam!! =D

Wayne-Michael Lee said...

Awesome work sir. Pretty terrifying (especially the open mouth), but awesome none the less!