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Oct 12, 2009

Concept Art | Hover Vehicle Sketch #6

ENG) Just another Vehicle Sketch [aside from the Thumbnail Experiment - Participate!]
ESP) Otro diseño de Vehículo [a parte del Thumbnail Experiment - Participa!]
EUS) Beste ibilgailu diseinu bat [Thumbnail Experimentuaz aparte - Parte hartu!]


Qbum Lee said...
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Qbum Lee said...

the texture detail on the wing part looks pretty damn sweet. but I must say, the simplicity of the cockpit leaves a little to be desired.

DEI said...

Thanks Q, I agree. I should have probably blended it more with the overall look of the ship. I might revise that actually;)

Leisha-Marie said...

I like the overall shape, it looks like something I'd be running away from when I was smuggling whores across the border.

I mean.

No it looks really fantastic as a whole, but I agree with Q.

Clayton Tsang said...

cool design man! awesome blog btw