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Oct 3, 2009

Concept Art | Hover Vehicle Speed-Sketch #2

| 30 min. |

ENG) Second take on the Racing Hover-Vehicles . I'm liking this Speed-Sketching deal:)
ESP) Segunda ronda de Vehiculo Volador de Carreras. Me esta gustando el royito este del "boceto rĂ¡pido":)
EUS) Lasterketa-Ibildailu Hegalarien inguruko bigarren saiakera. "Zirriborro Azkar" ariketa hau dexente ari zait gustatzen:)


LF said...

THIS BOY IS INSANE! Dei you rock all day! Amazing!

Nathan Dickey said...
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Nathan Dickey said...

Good call on the speed sketches, getting the important stuff down fast- sort of like our life drawing with two models these days.
They are getting better each time though

josue said...

que guapos!

DEI said...

Gracias Josue!