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Dec 8, 2009

Life Drawing with ballpoint pen | Dibujo del Natural con boli Bic

5 min.

10 min. | "Soy un pobre diablo!"

1o min.

10 min.

ENG) Trying new stuff in Life Drawing... Ballpoint pen & Photoshop.
EUS) Gauza berriak probatzen Marrazketa Artistikoan... Boli-Bic eta Photoshop.
ESP) Salseando en Dibujo del Natural... Boli-Bic y Photoshop.


Эмма said...

The last one, mos def.
*clap clap clap*

DEI said...

Thanks Emma!
That's my pick too :)

Nathan Dickey said...

Agreed, The story is clear in the last pic and I like the hands. It's too bad you cant see at least one of his legs to know how he is sitting behind her. Pretty cool overal though Deistar

tinylittlesandra said...

Love your drawings, so much story to them!

DEI said...

My good old friend Nathan. As always, you're absolutely right. There's no clue where those legs are.
Oh, wait! I just remembered: he was the ginny;) Haha!

Thank you very much!:) I've been trying to push character and story lately.

Nathan Dickey said...

by the way, the Prince in Princess and the Frog reminded me so much of you haha... only mixed with Gorgio and a lower voice :P

croquisman said...

Great,good work!!

Jon said...

Que pasa figura!
Soy Jon, el chico que hacía practicas contigo en Dibulitoon.
Que tal te va todo?
Muy buenos trabajos estoy viendo, dale caña y sigue así!

Donde andas ahora? Cursando el último curso en Canada?
Ya me contarás que harás luego :D

Cuidate y estamos!

Anonymous said...

Dei eres un fuera de serie, espero que te vaya todo muy bien.



DEI said...

Gracias chavales!

Ion! Efesstivamente, ultimo año en Canadá y dándole a tope!! Acabo en Mayo... y luego a ver...

Gracias Teje(ro?). Si es así, hace mil que no te veo figura.
A seguir bien eta urte berri on!