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Jun 9, 2010

On-the-spot Character Designs #2 | Suggested challenges

Racoon + Soccer Coach | Suggested by Garnet John

Cheetah + Cab Driver | Suggested by Adam Temple

ENG) I sketched these two in reply to Garnet John's and Adam Temple's proposals. I made them a little more story heavy than the old ones, by introducing an extra character. I hope you guys like them. Thanks for playing!

ESP) He dibujado estos dos en respuesta a los retos propuestos por Garnet John y Adam Temple. Les he metido algo mas de historia aƱadiendo un personaje extra a cada uno. Espero que os gusten. Gracias por jugar!

EUS) Honako hauek Garnet John eta Adam Temple-k ezarritako lehiei erantzun bezala marraztu ditut. Haurrekoei baino istoria geixeago sartu diet, beste pertsonai bat geituz bakoitzean. Gustoko izango dituzuela espero dut. Eskerrik asko jolasteagatik!


Adam Temple said...

Sweet dude!

DEI said...

I owe this one to you Sir.

danSEDDON said...

Hey Dei, so awesome man, I love the other designs too. Only hing is Garnet said "I want a racoon that is the coach of a top football team." And when I look at the player he doesnt seem like hes wearing a Tottenham jersey. Whats with this?

DEI said...

Damn! How did I miss that! X)

foo-ray-ya said...

Hey Dei,
fantastic looking designs. You're really pushing the story with these characters, and I love it ! Keep going brother :D