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Feb 27, 2011

New Like & Share buttons on DEISIGN posts

ENG) Hi there! I've just finished setting up these new Like & Share buttons on DEISIGN. I'm still considering taking some out and narrowing it down to two buttons: a FB Like & Tweet. Any thoughts?

ESP) Hola! Acabo de terminar de añadir estos botones the "Me gusta" & Compartir a los posts de DEISIGN. Todavía me estoy planteando quitar algunos y dejarlo en un "Me gusta" de FB y un Tweet. Que os parece?

EUS) Kaixo! Oaintxe bukatu dut "Atsegin dut" eta Zabaldu erako botoiak ipintzen DEISIGNen. Batzuk kentzekotan nabil oraindik eta beharbada FBeko Atsegin dut eta Tweet botoiak soilik utzi. Zer iruditzen?


aitorpuertas said...

Oain ya perfekto diju Facebookekua.

Nathan said...

Perhaps facebook, Tweet and blogger - I guess you can always add more later if need be but those are the main ones it would seem.


I like the choice of all of them, I think, because sometime people want to email it. I Don't know what that google one is though. haha.

DEI said...

Apa Aitor. Funtzionatzeu, bino ala re eskubita pasa ta tweeter bestien ordez?

Thanks for commenting Nathan. Yeah... It does feel like a little much right now... but I also fear, like Leisha says, leaving out visitors who might be avid users of those other ways of sharing content. I'll probably see how this arrangement works for a bit... keep an eye on Analytics/insights and then decide.

Leisha! I'll admit to you I had to get my web designer friend to remind me what Google Buzz was!X) Thanks for speaking up ;]

VideosHeat said...

Lovely! can you pls. send me the code of this button, I tried on my blog but its showing same #of count for every post.. thanks in advance.. my email: