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Mar 4, 2011

Life Drawing - Class at Brian Hladin's studio

I have just started a ten week life drawing class at Brian Hladin's studio, in Toronto. Really relaxed atmosphere and tons of wisdom to absorb from this amazing artist and mentor. These are a few drawings from the first session... just getting the rust off.


Ben Thomas said...

lookin good man!

DEISIGN said...

Thanks buddy! It was fun to draw big again.

Heya said...
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Jeremy Canton said...


Where can I find info on this? Or I guess its too late already huh

DEISIGN said...

Might be... space is limited. I'll send you Brian's contact info so you can ask him... Are you in Toronto???

Anonymous said...

These look really good!! Is there a website to register for the next life drawing course with Brian? I would appreciate any info, my e-mail is if you could kindly help! THanks ! :)