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Apr 3, 2011

Cintiq VS Paper | 15 minute Bot sketches

I had to go in the Studio today (Yes, on a Saturday, I know. Busy days.) and took a little break to sketch on a Cintiq for the first time ever. Later on the train, I did a similar sketch, this time on paper (Bare in mind this one was less than a couple of inches across). I'm not sold about the Cintiq really. There's still an offset between the tip of the pen and the brush-stroke. I think I will simply upgrade to a better tablet for my computer work. Thoughts?


Ke7in said...

It takes a little while to get used to and set it up the way that works for you. As for the offset, you can get rid of that, again I think its just because people position their hand differently or look from a different point of view.

I prefer it for animating in flipbook as opposed to paper, but for quick sketches, paper all the way. Theres too many options that tempt you and end up being distracting I find, especially when youre just trying something quick or thumbnailing.


Hey Dei,

There is some getting used to a cintiq, when I first bought mine after having worked on one for an entire 2 months I started drawing and I was like -HEY why did I spend 3000$ on this?

But as it progresed, i realized while it'll never replace paper, it's quite good for doing quick and dirty digital work. The biggest thing that it does for me is halve the time it would take to do digital work. Take for instance my pinup drawing, the one that you and I kind of mind melded on, that cleanup took a long time and would be at least double with a tablet (one could do it, but why would they?)

It's mostly a time saver, a really expensive, pretty, time saver.

It is absolutely outstanding for boarding, though.

Nathan Dickey said...

Sup buddy boy, I guess it really depends on what you plan to do..

For less than half the price you can indeed get a top of the line tablet which is what you are used too anyway, Usually I preach Cintiq but I am not sure whether it would really benefit you as much as your style tends to lean more towards the grungy textured side of things- the Cintiq is best for achieving single precise strokes.

Paper is cheap too haha ;)

DEISIGN said...

Thanks a lot for your insightful comments guys! I've heard from other people too that it's a no brainer if you are doing storyboarding. I agree Kevin, nothing beats paper when it comes to drawing... it's just the scanning can be a little annoying. And Leisha, yes, being the expensive toy that it is, budget is for sure going to be a factor here... and I'm not that big on clean up either, as you've rightfully pointed out Nathan. I think I'll most likely go with a sweet Intuos for now and we'll see about the Cintiq in the future.

Thanks again for taking the time to share your thoughts. Much appreciated.

Domee said...

I love using the big Cintiq~ animated my whole 4th year film on one! haha Nothing can ever beat paper, but Cintiqs are amazing once you get used to them! I'm finding it hard right now transitioning back to a tablet actually! lol

DEISIGN said...

Hey, thanks for sharing your impressions Domee! Yeah, I could see that addiction happening and the difficulty in going back to a tablet. I'm actually about to purchase an intuos4... the Cintiq will have to wait. Thanks again for stopping by and commenting!