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Dec 15, 2011

Toxic Creature + Rendering Steps | From the Sketch Sessions at Guru Studio, Toronto.

Hola! I took a short break from my freelance work today to render a personal sketch I did earlier this year. The base pencil sketch for this handsome fellow was done during one of the Sketch Sessions I conducted at Guru Studio, in Toronto. This particular creature was part of a session themed around Classic Movie Monsters, were we sketched our own versions of them, and then created our own original monster concept. The result of that last exercise was this Cold War-Nuclear-Toxic-Thing.
Bellow you'll find an animated Gif showing the various stages of rendering I went through for this piece. I hope some of you will find it, if nothing else, interesting to see. As always, comments are welcome. Thank you!


James said...

You are freaking incredible!! But how are you able to edit the pencil sketch like that. I've tried scanning it and then working on it in photoshop, but I can't edit behind the pencil sketch without erasing a whole bunch of white part of the paper. I'd be kick ass if you could help me. Thanks!

Nikolas Ilic said...

daaaaaam....thats pretty awesome :)

Alcock said...

Awesome stuff, as usual Dei. I Definitely liked the time-lapse-painting-process. Very interesting/helpful to see how you approach it! Keep it up!

DEISIGN said...

@James: Hey buddy! I've got good news for you. There are two ways of getting around that issue. I usually go with the easiest one which works fine. Next time you bring a scaned drawing into Photoshop, simply set the linework layer to Multiply (blending mode) and proceed to paint on layers underneath. You'll probably have to adjust levels to get rid of noise. That's it. Enjoy!

James said...

@DEISIGN Thanks so much!