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Jan 21, 2012


Hi! I've finally found the time to render out this sketch I did while I was in Canada last year. I promised my muse that I would finish up this concept, and well... I'm a man of my word. I'm also taking a chance to thank David Chung, who just became the 666th member of DEISIGN's Facebook Page, by dedicating this Hellbull to him. I however would like to thank ALL of you guys for your patience and support despite my posts being scarce lately. The project I'm currently designing for is taking most of my time (not a trace of complaint here): It is a CG Animated shortfilm directed by Carlos Baena, and I assure you, it's looking amazing so far... and VERY out of the ordinary. I'll keep you guys posted on this. Anyhow, I will resume posting more often after the end of the month. I have some cover illustrations lined up, and you can expect those along with new time-lapse videos and tutorials.

Bellow you can see a gif image showing the steps I followed to render out this Hellbull concept. (Forgive the shitty 256 colors)


Gio M. said...

Your stuff is exquisite to say the least. Very inspiring stuff.

DEISIGN said...

Thanks Gio! But hey, I can totally return the compliment! Love the Samurai Sushi Chefs! Specially Mamoru!

Patxi Pelaez said...

Me encantan estas criaturas que diseñas y lo bonito que te queda el acabado que le das.
Estás hecho un crack!