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Jun 5, 2012

Faun Kid

Another two sketches I did recently for a job application at Pixar. Not posting as much these days, am I? I'm working full-time on an exciting undisclosed project for another studio in the Bay Area (dammit, can't wait to show you!) and mostly caring about two of my best friends, who are going through some really tough times. The rest of the time, I'm continuing to help out Carlos Baena on his short film as Lead Designer, and finishing up another smaller commission. I trust that you will find the patience to stick around for all that new stuff that's coming to DEISIGN. Thank you all for your support.


Dan Seddon said...

looks great man! cant wait to see more of your stuff

madnessinktattoo said...

Thats awesome bro I would love to work for Pixar good luck Dei.

Logan Pearsall said...

love this little guy!

DEISIGN said...

Hey! I'm glad you guys like it! Definitely more stuff coming. Thanks!

Gama! said...

Ojala te cojan. Menuda envidia!

DEISIGN said...

Ya veremos... Gracias Jon!