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Sep 20, 2012

"Post-Apocalyptic Girl" Cover Illustration for Xabiroi Magazine!

So here it is, as I announced to you guys on Facebook and Twitter, the new "Post-Apocalyptic Girl" cover illustration for Xabiroi Magazine's October issue. A little more subtle on the Post-Apocalyptic theme perhaps, but just as full of emotion for me, as the one I did a year ago. In fact, this image is a tribute to my beloved muse and personal heroine, Emma Nuttall: A heart of gold, and the most beautiful cluster of atoms in existence. I even got some pointers on color theory from her that I used on this piece. Who knew a de-saturated red could be a blue? Perceptual wizardry to me.

Wait, where was I? Oh right, the cover. Since I am admittedly more of a draftsman than a painter, I really wanted to push myself here, so in addition to picking a subtle 3 point perspective and trying to make the character's pose interesting, I tired to force myself to tackle rendering tricky BG elements, reflections and materials. I definitely feel that I understood some concepts and techniques a little better by doing this, and I hope the final result is also more exciting and appealing because of it. Bellow are a few detail shots where you might be able to appreciate some of the concepts that I was trying to implement (reflected colors, rim lights, transparency, different materials, wetness vs dryness, etc...)

For those of you who are interested in the process of creating an image like this, I am currently editing the recording of the entire process and will be making a timelapse video of it, as well as a commentated video/tutorial further down the road. If you'd like to make sure you don't miss either of those, make sure to follow DEISIGN on Facebook, on Twitter, or right here through Blogger/Google. You can also buy a high quality print of this image in a variety of formats over here.

Bellow is the image as it will be published in October by Xabiroi Magazine. I hope you enjoyed this image/post and if you really did, you are more than welcome to share it!
Thank you!

Final Cover by Xabiroi Magazine.
Creative Commons License Post Apocalyptic Girl Cover Illustration by DEISIGN is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

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Jon Gama said...

Pff, wenisimo.
El fondo es 3d dices?
De esto si que queriamos un time lapse xD

Mobo Boehme said...

Muy buena Dei, me ha molado muchisimo y me dejo sin palabras.

Me fije en el Time lapse del otro Post-apocalyptic kid que algunas texturas las cogiste de imágenes, en este caso has hecho lo mismo para ciertas texturas, cierto??

Buenísima la perspectiva tío, me molo mucho.

DEISIGN said...

Me alegro de que os haya gustado! No, no hay nada de 3D.. es todo Photoshop. Pero sí que he usado un par de texturas: Una de asfalto, aunque luego la desenfoqué mucho, y la otra de tela para las prendas.

La perspectiba esta conseguida a base de elementos diferentes siguiendo más o menos los mismos tres puntos de fuga...

Gracias de nuevo! Ah, y el time lapse esta en proceso ;)

Vaughan Ling said...

Awesome...It's got a natural, in the moment feeling to it, but at the same time very dynamic and refined.

Patxi Pelaez said...

Muy grande,Dei!!
Cómo te has trabajado los charcos de agua,y los peces del cubo...Me encantan!
Espectacular trabajo,amigo ;D

DEISIGN said...

Thanks Vaughan! It's great to hear that you feel that combination. I fooled around with the pose quite a bit before I settled for this, in the hopes of attaining that balance between "natural" and "badass"...


Patxi! Con los peces disfruté la verdad... con el agua iba aconojonado de cómo iba yo a resolver eso...
Gracias Patxi! Un abrazo!

josu maroto said...

un trabajo impresionante!!! no se si desconectar mi intuos o atarme a ella y no parar hasta conseguir algo la mitad de bueno!!!!

adur said...

ederra Dei! zorionak berriz ere!

anloyra said...

Ojalá nos veamos mañana jueves, muy buenos trabajos !!!