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Nov 8, 2012

A few memories from Bogota ACM SIGGRAPH 2012

Mr. DEISIGN presenting | Un servidor, presentando | Ni neu, aurkezten... eskuak airean.

The whole gang (from left to right): Dean Lyon (Splinter Sudios, VFX Supervisor on TLOFT), Gregory Yepes (CG Supervisor at DreamWorks), J.M. Walter (Director at 1881 Animation), Some dude, Liron Topaz (Animator at DreamWorks), "Landa" (Character Designer at 1881 Animation), Adrian Molina (Story Artist at Pixar), Lindsey Olivares (Freelance Illustrator, Former Vis.Dev. at DreamWorks), Andrew Chesworth (Animator at Disney), Mariano Epelbaum (Lead Character Designer and Art Director on Metegol), Nelson Luty (Layout Artist & Art Director on Metegol).

Chilling at Usaquen. 

Drawing. Drawing. Drawing.

Photos by David Mimila.


Andrés Soler said...

Una gran experiencia, ¡gracias por compartir sus conocimientos!

Jamil R. Lahham said...

And I missed this? god damn... Pretty sure you guys knocked it out of the park

Los libros de mi vida said...

Me hubiera gustado verte! Espero que disfrutaras a tope. Qué dibujabas, por cierto?

DEISIGN said...
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DEISIGN said...

Gracias a tí Andrés por haber estado allí!

Yo, Jamil! We sure did, haha! Both during the event and also partying. You know how it is! I missed you guys. Would love to pay you and Adam a visit sometime soon.

Pedro! Todavía vas a poder! La semana que viene o así se publicarán las charlas en youtube! Ya verás que guasa.

Los libros de mi vida said...

espero que traducidas... xd

Jamil R. Lahham said...

I'm in NYC now, so head out here anytime you like

Nelson Luty said...

Que Bueno Dei!!!! Que lindo la pasamos y un placer conocer a tanta gente talentosa y maravillosa espero que nos volvamos a ver pronto. Sos un grande!!!!!

DEISIGN said...

Really? Where at, Jamil? There was actually a possibility recently of me heading down there... but I'm involved in a project in Toronto at the moment... maybe for a short visit!

@Nelson! Igualmente jefe. Fue un verdadero orgullo compartir ese tiempo con vosotros. Que no quede ahi!

Jon Gama said...

Pa cuando el video?! Aun no está!