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May 27, 2013

TRIBE Characters for Animation Mentor

Hi there! This is a long overdue post. I've been really busy for the last little while (and continue to be) with Paramount Pictures. No excuses though... so I just wanted to let you guys know that, as far as I'm allowed, I'll be posting the character design work that I did recently for Animation Mentor. It was a really interesting project and some of these characters are already being animated. Thank you so much for your patience, and stay tuned for more in depth snippets about the creation of these characters!

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Kike AR García said...

Hola soy Kike,garffitero e ilustrador, entré en tu blog por casualidad y tengo que decirte que es encantan tus ilustraciones...mis felicitaciones por tu trabajo

Kike AR.

DEISIGN said...

Muchísimas gracias Kike! Significa mucho para mí. Hay manera de que pueda ver tu trabajo también? En cualquier caso, gracias y espero que vuelvas a pasarte en el futuro!