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Nov 17, 2013

"Name the creature" competition WINNERS!!

Xabiroi copies arrived and I've finally gotten the time to follow up with the competition, and start sending out the gifts! Because plenty of awesome names where pitched and a lot of people responded to the call, I've decided to also award the top three finalists* that were just too good to ignore... so thank you all for part taking. Here are the names I liked best and the gift that will be mailed to them:
  1. "Gerridamus Cornumalis" | Suggested by Alex Stepanov (Canada) | 60x80 signed poster of the cover image & a copy of Xabiroi Magazine's Fall issue. 
  • "Momoniko" | Suggested by Siigiit Irwana (Indonesia) | 45x60 poster of the cover image. 
  • "Bofato de los bosques" | Suggested by Sandro Garcia (Basque Country) |  45x60 poster of the cover image. 
  • "Morby" (Zeronymous Morby) | Suggested by Maria Zborovska (Slovakia) | .45x60 poster of the cover image.
* If you are among the awarded finalists, shoot me a private message on DEISIGN's Facebook Page with your mailing address and the poster will be on its way!!

Thank you all!!

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