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Sep 15, 2014


Haven't posted in a while, I know. I've been busy with Paramount and also designing Animation Mentors upcoming rigs! Which reminded me I have a bunch of design work from the TRIBE characters that I still haven't shared with you. So here goes some of that: Bellow is the final Birball design and how it came to be :)

At the beginning we weren't sure what type of character we were gonna end up with... the basic idea I was given to work from was "a ball with legs". It still needed to be exciting, though.

Once we decided that a long legged bird was going to be on of the "ball with legs" characters (along with the Squirrels and Monsterball), I just had fun with different shapes until we found what the one. 

Eventually we settled on the design above. This being the final model sheet I passed on to the modeler. The best thing about having designed these characters is then seeing them come alive at the hands of countless students... each with their own unique take. Here's a sweet cycle animation I found by Mexican Animation Mentor student Adela Covarrubias... Love it! And Thank you for stopping by!!For more stuff like this, you can follow DEISIGN on Facebook | Twitter | Blogger | Vimeo | Youtube

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